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Swedish-Designed Injector Flush System For Diesel Engines
Ron Watt, Westlock, Alberta: Ron's company, Hi-Tech Distributors, manufactures and sells a Swedish-designed injector flush system for diesel engines that uses a slightly different approach than other such systems on the market.
"Our Superinjector system uses 100 per-cent cleaning fluid in the flush rather than a mixture of cleaning fluid and diesel fuel "
Ron says. "After all, diesel fuel contributes to injector problems in the first place." The 12-volt D.C. system hooks up to the vehicle's battery and includes a 60 minute timer, separate pump switch, pressure out-put control (15 psi max), high pressure hoses with quick couplers and fittings, easy-change 5 micron fuel filter, and pressure regulator from 1 to 15 psi. It weighs approximately 22 lbs.
You by-pass the fuel filters and disconnect the engine's fuel supply, connecting Hi-Tech's system to the engine. It sends its specially formulated cleaning fluid through the diesel pump, fuel rail and injectors. The solution removes wax, varnish and other contaminants as the engine operates for 20 to 30 minutes.
Sells for $2,900 (Canadian).
A new model for both gas and diesel engines is also available for $2,900.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hi-Tech Distributors, 10624-110th Street,Westlock, Alberta, Canada T7P 1A2 (ph 403 349-4290; fax 3676; website www.agrimark com/users/S-inject/).

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