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Gas-Powered Tricycle
I use this gas-powered tricycle to run to the store and drive in parades. It was originally electric powered.
I repowered it with a 3 hp Briggs & Stratton gas engine and a centrifugal clutch like those used on go-carts and motor scooters. Purchased new for the project, the clutch cost more than the tricycle itself. The tricycle's original belt-drive was converted to chain and sprocket drive.
I made a stick-type throttle which I operate with my hand from the driver's seat. By pushing the stick forward, the clutch engages and drives the cycle.
I also built this mini grader out of salvaged parts when I was on the farm and I still work it hard even though I've retired to town. Besides using it for regular driveway and yard chores, I also recently used it to shape ground for a swimming pool for a friend.
It's 9 ft. long with a main frame constructed of 2 1/2-in. sq. tubing. It's powered by an old International 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hp stationary engine. I chose this engine because I had al-ways wanted to hook up one of those old engines to a set of wheels just to see how it would work. The grader has a gearbox out of an old 6-speed Wheelhorse garden tractor transaxle. A V-belt off the engine drives a jackshaft which is fitted with a #40 roller chain that powers the transaxle. The tandem drive wheels are 12-in. tires off an old garden tractor.
The 5-ft. blade was cut out of a full-size grader blade. Position of the blade is adjusted with a rear-mounted hydraulic pump and components. The blade raises up to 1 ft. off the ground, can be adjusted up to a 45 degree angle either way, and can be moved 1 ft. out to either side with a hydraulic sideshift I rigged up.
Finally, I added a big magnet to the rear of the machine. It comes in handy for cleaning up nails, wire, screws and other unwanted hardware from roads and yards.
Besides being a real workhorse, the grader is also a big hit in parades I take it to. (Earl McEvers, 157 Ross St., White Hal, Ill. 62092; ph 217 374-6280).

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