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"Cross Bladed" Push-Type Mower
Thanks for writing about my "cross bladed" push-type mower that I modified to cut brush (Vol. 22, No. 4). So far I've received more than 20 calls from FARM SHOW readers about ways to make the mower even more aggressive. Here's a photo that shows the same concept used in my home-built "Stealth" mower. It's a double-bladed, high-wheeled, 40-lb. mower that I built out of scrap materials. I used 1/4-in. dia. threaded rod to make the axle and handle. With its big flakeboard wheels and flakeboard deck, the mower is light as a feather. It'll cut through tall grass or brush with ease.
The blades extend 4 in. ahead of the deck to cut brush. I lined the wheels with garden hose, using aluminum wire to tie the hose in place. The handlebar is made from 1/2-in. dia. pipe and has pipe insulation tied onto it for operator comfort. (Daniel Krenzel, 510 Elizabeth St. N.E., Culman, Ala. 35055).

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