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Machine Separates Bedding Sand From Manure
A new machine built by a manufacturer of mining equipment was recently introduced to dairy farmers for separating sand from manure.
McLanahan Corporation's newly patented Sand-Manure Separator separates bedding sand from manure, allowing sand from freestall barns to be reused as bedding and manure to be handled without wear and tear on equipment.
Manure from the barn is scraped into a reception pit and then augered into the separator, which separates 80 to 90 percent of the sand from the manure depending on sand texture. In the hopper, sand-laden manure is mixed with air and recycled water. The air suspends the manure solids, and the solids/ water mixture gravity flows out of the ma-chine into storage. Sand, meantime, settles out and is carried up a screw conveyor and piled on the ground. Separated from manure, the sand is around 15 percent moisture, notes McLanahan's Andrew Wedel.
Eight of the company's separators are now installed in new dairy facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Sand separators come in two sizes - 22-in. dia., 22-ft. long auger or 10-in. dia., 10-ft. long auger. They process the manure from 700 and 150 cows in 10 hours, respectively.
Sells for $28,600 and $17,000, respectively.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, McLanahan Corporation, 200 Wall Street, P.O. Box 229, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 16648 (ph 814 695-9807; fax 6684; E-mail awedel@soundcity.net).

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