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Self-Cleaning Filter For Pumping Out Manure
The problem with conventional manure pump filters is that they either have holes too big to keep out solids or, if the holes are small enough, they plug up and have to be cleaned too often.
The new "Rotorflush" filter fits on the end of the suction hose. An extra pipe from the output side of the pump is fed back to the filter to drive a rotating spray bar that mounts inside the filter. The rotating bar continually sprays a jet of water back through the filter screen to keep it clean. About 10 to 20 per-cent of the pump's output is used to operate the backflushing rotor. The filter works automatically and requires no maintenance.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rotorflush Filters, Langmoor Manor, Charmouth, Bridport, Dorset, England DT 66BU (ph and fax 01297 560229).

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1998 - Volume #22, Issue #5