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"Zero Grazing" Mower-Feeder Combo
The idea behind this new "zero grazing" mower-wagon combination is to cut fresh grass every day and feed it immediately. (The first prototype was featured in FARM SHOW's Vol. 21, No. 4).
The drum-type mower has a cutting width of 7 ft. 6 in. and is pulled alongside a 24-ft. long, 7 1/2 ft. wide feed wagon. The mower is equipped with a swingover drawbar that hooks up to the wagon tongue. As grass is cut it's blown into the wagon. Once the wagon is full the operator unhooks the mower and pulls the wagon to his cattle. The wagon holds more than 6 tons of fresh grass and is equipped with slanted bars on all sides. Six tons is enough for 100 cows for one day. The unchopped grass remains cool for 24 hours. The inventor says cows are able to achieve much higher intakes of grass because they spend less time and energy grazing, which leads to improved yields. By keeping cows out of the pasture, the zero grazing system eliminates trampled and fouled grass so total grass yield is higher. Cows can be kept inside buildings, or on fields close to the buidings, eliminating the need for expensive fencing. Another advantage is that the grazing season can be extended without having to turn cows out in cold weather, greatly reducing the amount of silage that must be put up for winter.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mat-thew Walley, Cotton Abbotts, Waverton, Chester, England CH3 7PH (ph 01244 335753).

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