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Swather Attachment Cuts Lodged Crops
You can cut even the most badly lodged crops with this new swather attachment invented by Cornelius Hiebert.
"We installed it on our 1992 International swather equipped with a 30-ft. header last year. We used it on badly lodged canola and it eliminated at least 90 percent of the problem of lodged grain dragging on the end of the swather," says the Osler, Sask., retired farmer.
The patent-pending "Clean Cut" system consists of two 18-in. dia. rotary blades fitted with sickle sections. They mount in a housing that's positioned vertically on the side of the header. The blades mount one above the other and rotate 1/4 in. apart clock-wise, just the opposite of the reel. The lower blade, which rotates 1/3 faster than the top blade, lifts the lodged crop and the top one cuts it.
The blades are hydraulically driven with an orbit motor mounted on the side of the housing. It has a removable shoe that rolls rocks away from the blades.
If you swath back and forth, you'll need two attachments, one for each side. Extra in. rotary blades fitted with sickle sections.
bracing is needed for two attachments to pre-vent potential side-whip to the cutting reel. Your local welding shop can install the system in an hour or two.
Sells for $1,200 (Canadian) per side. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cornelius Hiebert, Box 83, Osler, Sask., Canada S0K 3A0 (ph 306 239-4710; cell 227-7316).

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