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"Anti-Sucking Halter" Keeps Calves On Feed
If you ever get one of those oddball yearlings that keeps new-crop calves away from cows by trying to suck from her itself, you'll like this new-style "anti-sucking halter".
Inventor Stan Harder, St. Brides, Alberta, says using the halter is similar to sticking your hand in front of the animal's mouth to discourage such behavior. Some conventional "anti-sucking halters" are designed to cause pain, he says.
Just the same, Harder's halter is effective. "We've never had to use it more than once," he says.
It consists of a conventional nylon web halter for horses. An 8-in. sq. plastic flap with rounded lower corners and cut from a 5-gal. plastic pail bolts to the halter through pre-drilled holes. Harder uses five 1-in. long stove bolts with flat heads on the inside of the halter to prevent rubbing and injuring the animal.
"The plastic flap annoys the cow when the yearling tries to suck it," Harder says. "The cow is irritated so she either kicks or moves away. The yearling can't suck underneath the flap, which won't lift up, but can eat normally. In about two weeks, the yearling is reweaned."
Cost of making the halter was under $20 (Canadian).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stan Harder, Box 86, St. Brides, Alberta, Canada T0A 2V0 (ph 403 6451881)

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