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Closing Wheel Arm Pivot Kit For John Deere No-Till Drills
R K Products Inc. has introduced repair kits for the closing wheel arm pivots on John Deere models 750 and 1850 no-till drills. It uses the same technology and some of the same parts that R K P has used successfully on planter gauge wheel arm pivots since 1994.
Loose, worn pivots lead to inaccurate tracking of the closing wheel and excessive bouncing. Bouncing further reduces the effectiveness of the wheel and causes increased loading on the wheel bearings. The R K P repair kit removes all looseness from the pivots.
Three disc springs in series provide the required force to keep the closing wheel arm parallel to the inner end of the bearing housing. Having three disc springs in series provides a low spring rate which assures that adjustment of the spring pressure will not be necessary more often than once a year. Thrust washers are used at each end of the bearing housing. These thrust washers are made from a composite material which includes Teflon. The low coefficient of friction assures that the arm will pivot freely even without lubrication.
On model 1850 and model 750 with serial number 6000 and higher, no rework is required on the arm or the bearing housing. Simply remove the arms then reassemble using the R K P repair kit. On model 750 drills with serial numbers less than 6000 the arms must be reworked by replacing the pivot pin. The repair kit sells for $25 per arm except for the older model 750 drills which sell for $36.
In addition to the drill and the planter gauge wheel arm pivot kits, R K Products Inc. also offers several other repair kits and improvements for John Deere and Kinze planters.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, R K Products Inc., 3802 Jean Street, East Moline, IL 61244 (ph 800 580-6818 or 309 792-1927).

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