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Cars That Changed The World
The Jeep (circa 1944): Hard to imagine Americans fighting World War II without the jeep. It was probably the only nice thing soldiers had to say about the army.
Seems like half the vehicles you see today have some jeep genes in them. The jeep was the original 4-WD passenger vehicle.
1955 Chevrolet: Heavy iron American cars really came into their own in the early 50's, when Chevrolet started turning them out with clean lines and a little more power than you needed just to ease around town. This was the period when the small block V-8 engine really came into its own, and eventually grew into the Chevy 350, probably the most popular V-8 of all time.
1955-1960 Cadillac: Big tail fins. Lots of chrome. Longer and wider than a city bus. These were the cars you needed to own if you wanted people to notice you. The Cadillac said you'd made it. It made luxury into something you could drive.
Ford Mustang 1964-1965: The Mustang took the European notion of "sports car" and turned it into some-thing Americans could appreciate. The Mustang was a car that understood that driving is not just about transportation.
There have been a whole lot of cars since that have been sold to people who like to have fun on the road. And they all go back to the Mustang.
Volkswagon Beetle 1945-1970: They say this car was Hitler's idea. If that's true, then it proves that just about any-body can get one thing right. This car made it possible for a lot of people to drive. With that little air-cooled engine, it was cheap, reliable and easy to fix.

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