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Handy Magnetic Holder SImplifies Welding Jobs
A handy new multi-purpose magnetic holder called the Magpita acts as a "third hand" to temporarily hold two pieces of metal in place at a true angle, leaving your hands free to tach weld pieces together until they sup-port themselves.
The triangular-shaped magnetic holder can be positioned to hold pieces at angles of 45, 90 or 135?. "It works much better than a clamp because it holds metal pieces at a true angle and keeps them there. There's no tendency for pieces to slide out of line as there is with clamps," notes Bob Gibson, sales manager, TradeCom Imports, Eastlake, Ohio.
Two models are available: Magpita-L, with a maximum holding power of 65 lbs., is 3/4 in. thick and measures 4.5 by4.5 by 6-1/8 in. Magpita-M has a maximum holding power of 451bs. and measures 1-3/8 by 1-3/ 8 by 4-3/4 in. "Maximum load ratings are for ideal conditions. We recommend that, for typical shop work, the holders be used at one-fourth their rated capacity. For ex-ample, each 'L' model Magpita should be counted on to support up to about 16 lbs.," Gibson points out.
The magnetic holders can be used in multiples as needed to hold heavier objects in place.
Suggest retail is right at $32 for the Magpita-L, and $18 for the Magpita-M.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, TradeCom Imports, 33900 Curtis Blvd., No. 110, Eastlake, Ohio 44094 (ph 216 942-4468).

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