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Liquid Manure Vacuum Tand Made From Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator
I made a liquid manure vacuum tank using the tank off an anhydrous ammonia applicator and equipping it with powered rear wheels. The tank's axle and wheels are identical to the rear axle on the tractor that I use to pull the tank. I turned the tank's axle around so that the pto shaft faces the tractor, then mounted a T-gearbox (salvaged from a beet defoliator) under the front part of the tank. The gearbox belt-drives a shaft which drives the vacuum pump (salvaged from an old milking machine). A spindle powered by a reversible electric motor is used to tighten and loosen the belt. I can reach back from the tractor seat to engage the switch that controls the motor. Four ball valves are used to control direction of air into or out of the tank.
To fill the tank I connect a hose to a short pipe that sticks out the back of the tank. A transparent hose runs from the top of the tank to a small tank that mounts in front of the an-hydrous tank. As soon as I see manure flowing through the hose I know it's time to stop the flow of manure into the tank.
Manure is discharged out the back onto a small disc harrow. It splashes out in an 18-ft.
wide pattern. The pipe at the back of the tank makes a 90 degree bend inside the tank and goes down to the bottom of the tank, so when I'm done unloading there are only a couple gallons of manure still left in the tank. The tank mounts on a steel chassis that I built out of 2-in. sq. tubing.
I raise 400 to 500 hogs per year and my manure pit isn't big enough to hold a year's worth of manure. Because the rear wheels on my vacuum tank are always pulling, I can apply manure at any time of the year without worrying about getting stuck. (Jens E. Andersen, Hyrdevej 61, 5300 Kerteminde, Denmark; ph and fax 011 45 65 32 44 30)

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