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Flash Tester Detects Ignition Problems
You can quickly troubleshoot ignition problems in cars, trucks, tractors and other equipment with a simple new hand-held tester developed in England and just introduced in the U.S.
"Flashtest" looks like a hand-held nutcracker. To use, you simply fasten a spark plug lead wire to an electrode on one side of the test unit, then start the engine. Holding the tester by its plastic finger pads, you position the electrode opposite the plug wire against the engine block, or other suitable ground. Then you open the tester to the maximum setting at which a spark occurs between the two electrodes with no misses, and read the scale at the bottom of the unit. The reading tells you one of three things: your ignition is fine, you've got a fault developing, or there is an ignition fault that exists already.
"It's a simple way to find out if you've got a problem in your points, coil, distributor, plugs leads, rotor arm, or anywhere else in the ignition system," says William Schneider of White Eagle Mfg., the importer.
Flashtest sells for $12.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, White Eagle Manufacturing, Rt. 1, Box 279, East Bernstadt, Kty. 40729 (ph 606 843-6126).

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