Russian Engine In Pickup Gets 32 MPG
Ted Kerlin, a Belarus tractor dealer at Silver Lake, Ind., noted that the Belarus 420 model he was using on his own farm seemed to be amazingly economical on fuel. Some of his customers using 400 and 420 models told him the same thing.
He got to studying the 4 cyl., 253 cu. in. air cooled diesel engine and wondered if it would work in a pickup truck. After measuring the engine and the under-hood space in various pickups, he determined that the engine should fit into a 1980 F-100 Ford pickup. He bought one, drove it seven miles and pulled out the original engine and radiator.
He then went to work installing the Russian tractor engine. It fit, with a few modifications. He had to build a shallower crankcase pan, make a face plate spacer for the bell housing to connect the engine to the transmission, and add a pulley and belt to run the hydraulic pump for power steering and brakes. Also, he added an exhaust pipe from the manifold back to the tractor muffler under the truck.
One problem remained. Without a radiator, he had no means of supplying heat to the cab. He discovered he could remove the engine oil cooler and run oil hoses up to the heater. Hot engine oil heats the cab.
He made no modifications whatsoever in any area of the truck. He was able to hook up all dash instruments to the diesel engine and added a tachometer.
Everything worked. The engine provides good acceleration and he says its smoothest running is on the highway at about 62 mph. "The engine sounds a bit strange for a pickup and it's noisier than usual," says Berlin.
He kept fuel consumption records for the first 700 miles he drove his pickup. The longest trip between stops was 15 miles. He averaged 32 miles per gallon, and says that with steady highway driving on a trip, he'll get well over 40.
General Manager Fred Rollins of Belarus Machinery Inc., in Milwaukee, Wis., says Belarus 420 diesel engines are available separately for stationary power, uses such as on irrigation pumps and generators, as well as for use in farm trucks.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Belarus Machinery, 7075 W. Parkland Court,
Milwaukee, Wis. 52233 (ph 414 355-2000).

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