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Broadcast Spray With CDA As You Plant
Now you can use CDA (controlled droplet application nozzles) to pre-emerge broadcast spray pesticides while you plant corn, soybeans and other crops.
Designed by Al Miller, Ag Ventures Corp., Delaware, Ohio, the "CDA" pre-emerge spraying system boasts two main advantages: "You need little or no water as a carrier, and you can reduce chemical costs 30 to 50%. For some chemicals, you'll need to use a small amount of carrier to ensure proper flow," Miller points out.
His system features a 70 gal. spray tank, with a quick-fill attachment and agitator, which is mounted on the front of the planter. A hydraulically-powered centrifugal pump moves the chemicals to the CDA's at the rear of the planter.
The system's framework mounts to the planter toolbar and has two arms that extend back between the planter row units. The CDA's are on a boom attached to the end of these arms. Chemicals flow from the tank, to the boom, and back to the tank via hoses that run parallel to the arms.
The arms hinge just behind the toolbar and lift hydraulically for easy access to seed and fertilizer boxes. Shock absorbers on the two cylinders keep the boom level for a constant spray pattern which, Miller says, is part of the key to lower rates.
The electrically powered CDA's spin at 1,550 rpms and automatically shut off when you raise the planter. (There also is a manual override.)
Miller will soon introduce spray systems to fit most 16-row and smaller planters. A 4-row model sells for $2,500 and takes about two hours to install.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ag Venture Corp., P.O. Box 367, Delaware, Ohio 43015 (ph 614 363-1286).

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