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Truckbed Dryer Can Be Used On Bins
A Canadian farmer and manufacturer has come up with a new truckbed grain drying system that, he says, is an economical grain drying alternative for any size farmer.
Lloyd Kosmachup, Wadena, Sask., says his truckbed dryer, which will work in any size truck, saves money by eliminating handling costs and the cleanup that's necessary after drying. You simply dry it in the truck and then either put it into storage or haul it to market. The dryer fan that's used for truck drying can also be adapted to hopper bins or conventional bin-drying systems.
"You just install the duct system in the bottom of a truckbed. It displaces just 15 bu. of grain in a 2-ton truck. Then, the dryer fan is connected to the ductwork and it'll automatically dry the load," says Kosmachup.
In one test load of 350 bu. of wheat at 17% moisture, the dryer brought the grain down to 12.6% moisture in 6 1/2 hrs. at a cost of 70 a bu. using 180 degree drying temperatures (LP gas).
The 220-volt fan is powered by a 5-hp. Baldor industrial motor with a static pressure of 14 in. Kosmachup says the 5-hp. design of the motor means it can be used with normal 40 to 50 amp breakers without rewiring the farmstead, as is required with most dryers. With adaptors the fan can be used on any bin, and the 250,000 btu propane burner in the unit can be easily removed for other heating purposes.
The dryer fan is fitted with a high pressure regulator and a thermostat to automatically adjust settings. Kosmachup sells all ductwork needed to adapt the dryer to steel bins, hopper bins, and dryer bins, using either heat or natural air drying.
The dryer fan sells for $2,250 (Canadian). The truck ductwork for a 2-ton truck sells for $200. Dryer can be used on any size truck.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd Kosmachup, Lloyd's Mfg., Box 850, Wadena, Sask., Canada S0A 4J0 (ph 306 338-2480).

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