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She Got An Artificial Hip
My wife and I had an amazing experience recently after she fell and broke her hip. We got an up-close look at the kind of miracles being performed by modern medicine.
Not too many years ago people who broke a hip or leg bone would end up in a cast for months or, at worst, in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. My wife was back on her feet the day after surgery. The attached photo from her X-ray shows how they did it.
She broke her him in June, 1997. The surgical steel insert shown was installed the same day and she up on a walker right after.
The break was right below the hip socket ball. The doctors first drilled up into the socket ball to anchor the head of the device. The lower part of the unit was anchored to the lower leg with four screws.
It was painful for a while but the doctors say a hip fixed this way is actually stronger than the original one. Few people ever actually get a look at how these "repairs" are done and I thought FARM SHOW readers might be interested. (C.F. Marley, P.O. Box 93, Nokomis, Ill. 62075)

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