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Simple-To-Build Truck Box Brace
Josh R. Hofer, Ponteix, Sask.: Josh came up with this simple-to-build truck box brace that keeps sides from bowing while hauling heavy loads. He's used it on both his 1990 Ford and 1975 Chevy 3-ton trucks equipped with 8 1/2 by 16-ft. Midland dump boxes but says it can be easily adapted to fit most any truck box.
It consists of an arch-shaped brace built of scrap 1 1/2-in. dia. pipe. The 8-ft. long and 20-in. high brace is fitted with a horizontal foot built of 12 in. flat iron on each side. Flat iron simply bolts to the truck box with five 3/8 in. dia. bolts.
"We use it to be on the safe side when hauling snow in winter and manure in spring," Josh says. "It's easy to put on and take off and doesn't interfere with dumping at all. We use a front end loader with 2 cu. yd. bucket to load the truck with four bucket fulls of snow or manure and have never had the sides bow out since we installed them."

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