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Air Weigh Scale For Semi Trucks
If you own an air-suspended semi truck and trailer, you'll be interested in this new weigh scale designed to work off the bag "shocks". It converts the bags into electronic scales that send weight information to a digital readout in the cab.
The "Air-Weigh" scale kit converts air pressure in the air bags into 100-lb. increments. The unit operates off the truck's 12-volt battery and takes advantage of the fact that air suspension systems use height control valves to keep the vehicle's frame at a constant height. The scale electronically senses the changes in air pressure that are required to support a load at that specified height. A computer calculates how much air pressure it takes to raise the frame back to its height when it was empty.
To install the system, you unscrew a threaded fitting on the truck or trailer's air line and attach a "T" pressure sensor. A cable leads from the sensor up to the monitor in the cab.
"It provides you with a constant weight readout and eliminates the need to drive somewhere and get the weight checked," says Randy Loder, Boone Valley Implement, Inc., Renwick, Iowa. "It also helps you avoid over-weight fines and underweight revenue loss."
Sells for $985 plus S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Boone Valley Implement, Inc., 301 McCurry St., Renwick, Iowa 50577 (ph 515 824-3231; fax 3545).

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