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Retrofit Door For Grain Bins With Bad Doors
An Alberta company has come up with a new, larger retrofit door designed to replace the original smaller doors that are too small, leak, or have poor unloading auger access.
Twister Grain Bins of Calgary recently introduced the "Retrodoor", a hinged, smooth sided steel door measuring 48 in. high and 36-in. wide. It leaves an opening for your auger that's 20 in. high and 29 in. wide. The auger is inserted into a 3-piece triangular hood that extends about 2 ft. back into the bin for unloading access. The door is de-signed with panels that can be removed with-out the use of wrenches. You can remove the panels without having to enter the bin.
Flat steel mounting flanges on the four sides of the door allow it to be adapted to any corrugated bin. You measure the hole for the door and cut on the inside of the bin. The flat side of the door will then fit flush against the "valley" of the corrugation. The gap caused by the "hill" of the corrugation going away from the door is filled with expanding spray foam sealant (provided). The door comes with holes drilled 2.6 in. apart on the mounting flange so it will fit most older bins. You install the door at least 16 in. above the bin floor to allow grain to flow to the unloading auger.
Sells for $425 U.S. funds F.O.B. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Twister Grain Bins, Dan Schaefer, 3101 93rd Ave. S.W., Minot, N. Dak. 58701 (ph 701 722-3716; fax 3592).

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