"Side Swing" Auger Unloading Spout
"No matter how big the truck or how it's positioned beneath my auger, I can always fill it completely full without having to move the truck," says Tim Lindhorst, Lone Rock, Iowa, inventor of a new "side swing" auger unloading spout.
The patented "Loadmaster" consists of a 2-ft. long steel downspout fitted with a 13-ft. long steel cross arm. A 4-ft. long flexible spout hangs below. Steel cable attaches to both sides of the flex spout and runs up to pulleys on both ends of the cross arm, and then to a 12-volt electric winch.
Controls for the winch mount at the base of the auger. Turning the winch one way or the other moves the flex spout back and forth. "It works slick and saves a lot of hassle," says Lindhorst. "I attached a rope to each end of the cross arm so I can swing it to line up with the truck or wagon. The spout doesn't slow down the auger at all. I welded a metal flapper on the shaft at the end of the auger to force grain down out of the spout."
Lindhorst is looking for a manufacturer. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tim Lindhorst, 707 280th St., Lone Rock, Iowa 50559 (ph 515 925-3595).

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1998 - Volume #22, Issue #2