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Many Uses For New Reversible Toolbar
You can rake hay, plow, disk or cultivate to the right or left of the direction of travel with a revolutionary reversible toolbar, said to be the first of its kind in the world.
"The flood of inquiries from all parts of the world has been a great encouragement to us," Peter Sillars, told FARM SHOW. He's general manager of Pettit, the English-based firm which developed and holds the patent on this new twist in toolbar design.
Sillars says the company eventually plans to offer the toolbar in several different forms for various applications and operating conditions. Used in conjunction with a disk-type plow, for example, the reversible toolbar allows for an infinite range of operating angles to either the left or right of the direction of travel. It's equally applicable to raking hay, chiseling, land leveling or operations which can make use of the reversing mechanism.
"There is no reason why the toolbar should not also be used with one-way attachments, such as a chisel plow where being able to vary the angle and width of cut according to conditions can be very advantageous," Sillars points out. "In conditions which have long favored disc plows rather than the moldboard plow, the Pettit machine offers the advantages of a reversible implement without incurring the cost penalty of a double set of bodies. The fact that the same discs rotate in opposite directions on each run means that they wear evenly, as do the bearings, to achieve optimum life."
Sillars says various alternatives are being explored for marketing the new machine in the U.S. "It seems likely we shall take up one or more of the many proposals we have received for local manufacture/assembly under license," he told FARM SHOW. "We have modified the original model to operate at up to 45? rather than only 30?. The 16 disc model is now semimounted with a double acting hydraulic ram controlling a tail wheel for depth. A fully mounted version will be produced with only 10 or 12 discs. The discs in our latest reversible plow are suspended direct from the main toolbar instead of on a secondary beam."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, F. W. Pettit Division, Geest Industrial Group Ltd., Moulton Spalding Lincolnshire, England PE12 6QP.

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