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Big Grain Cart Unloads Hydraulically
If you're looking for a big grain cart for a "pto-less" 4-WD tractor, you'll be interested in this new "hydraulic unload" cart from United Farm Tools, Glascow, Kent.
The 750-bu. cart is fitted with a 2-stage unloading auger - two separate sections of auger, each driven by its own hydraulic motor. The augers aren't mechanically connected. Instead, an enclosed rubber tube connects the end of one auger to the base of the other. The base of the outer auger swivels on a steel arm.
"It lets you use a big 4-WD tractor to haul grain without having to spend money for a pto," says Sam Lawson, president. "Many farmers want to use 4-WD tractors to pull big grain carts. However, most large 4-WD's don't have pto's. Adding a pto can cost $6,000 to $12,000. You can buy our cart alone, without the wheels, for about the same money.
"Using independently driven auger sections makes the cart fast and efficient, and because the augers don't join together there's no hinged joint area to damage grain.
"It also works great for filling grain drills and planters with seed or to fill hog feeders, etc.
"The cart is designed so it can be equipped with Caterpillar rubber tracks, making it easier to pull and reducing soil compaction. A Cat dealer removes the axle and wheels and bolts on the track undercarriage."
Sells for $12,679 without wheels. A 625 bu. model sells for $11,495.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, United Farm Tools, Inc., P.O. Box 4026, 113 West Public Square, Glasgow, Kent. 42142 (ph 502 651-7121).

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