1998 - Volume #22, Issue #1, Page #20
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Mini Fish Farms

If you've ever considered trying your hand at fish farming, these new mini fish farms would be a great way to try it out on a small scale.
Two companies offering commercial mini fish tanks are Ken's Hatchery and Fish Farms, Inc., Alapaha, Ga., and CropKing, Inc., Seville, Ohio.
Ken's Hatchery sells a tank kit that fits into a 10-ft. sq. space. It includes a galvanized steel sectional tank, a 30 mil vinyl liner, a continuous duty air pump, see-through PVC water lines, and a rotating filter.
"It's simple to set up, indoors or out, and comes with a detailed operator's manual and video explaining setup and operation," says owner Ken Holyoak. "The pre-assembled sections of the tank will fit through a 30-in. wide door. The mini farm is simple to operate - just replace 10 gal. of water per day and feed the fish. All parts of the system are designed for easy inspection and cleaning.
"The entire system runs on less power than a 60-watt light bulb and uses only the 10 gal. of water per day. Including the cost of feed, you can raise fish for less than 75 cents per pound. We recommend using these tanks to raise trout, tilapia, shrimp, salmon, game fish, catfish, tropical fish, mussels, sturgeon, snails, bass, carp, plants, or perch."
Ken's Hatchery supplies commercial fish farms all over North America. They can pro-vide everything, including fish. The company offers several tank sizes. One designed to raise 50 lbs. of fish sells for $1,495 plus S&H. A model for raising 100 lbs. of fish sells for $2,095 plus S&H while one for raising 200 lbs. sells for $2,389 plus S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken's Hatchery and Fish Farms, Inc., U.S. Hwy. 129 North, Box 449, Alapaha, Ga. 31622 (ph 912 532-6135 or 5395; fax 7220).

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1998 - Volume #22, Issue #1