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Sky Hook Moves Irrigation Pipe
A new method of moving' cumbersome, self driven irrigation pipe over power lines, fences, rivers, ditches or whatever is catching on with Eastern Oregon farmers.
Developed by Rambling Rotors, a commercial helicopter operation in LaGrande Or., the technique calls for the pilot to hover the aircraft a few feet above two sections of pipe while his ground crew places specially designed hooks on to the pipe. The helicopter (in this case, a Bell Jet Ranger) then lifts the pipe straight off the ground and deposits it at, the new site.
Distance is no problem. Sacnone making up a ' mile pipeline can be moved several miles " away ? in nnty 45 rnir , Heavy driving mechanisms can also be slung underneath the helicopter and safely transported to a new location.
"Smoothness of the operation depends on speed and efficiency of the ground crew, William Knight. president of Rambling Rotors, told FARM SHOW. "We have also helped install cages on grain elevators, and have a possible lob of moving some grain bins coming up in the future. Cost to the farmer is at an hourly rate. If a cab is large enough, we'll go most anywhere."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rambling Rotors, c, 2744, LaGrande, Or. 97850. (ph 503 963-5644).

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