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Teen Invents Spring-Loaded Latch For Mom
When teenager Shane Sroka of Bluffton, Alberta, got tired of listening to his mother complain about the hassle of opening and closing ranch gates, he decided to come up with a better design.
The result is a clever spring-loaded, hinged gate latch that you can open or close with one hand. The latch is made from strap iron and bolts to both sides of a squared-off fence post. It's hinged on one side and equipped with a V-shaped slot at one end. To shut the gate you simply push the gate post into the slot until it locks into place.
A one-handed tug on the hinged side of the latch easily releases the gate post.
Sroka sells the units for $24.95 (Canadian) plus tax and S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Shane Sroka, Bluffton, Alberta, Canada T0C 0M0 (ph 403 843-2647).

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