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Poor Man's Wick Wiper
George H. Hall, Jr., Somerset, Ky.: George built a "poor man's" wick wiper out of a cattle oiler rope and a few other odds and ends.
"I used 10 ft. of oiler rope wrapped around a 1 in. dia. 10-ft. long pipe. I tied the rope to the pipe with some smaller rope I had around and then tied two boxes of æface flips' onto the larger rope. I slipped the pipe horizon-tally onto the hay forks on back of my tractor and drove out to the pasture. I soaked the rope in 2-4,D and water, which then saturated the 44 æface flips' tied to it. I lowered the forks so the Face Flips dropped down 6 to 8 in. below the tops of the weeds and rode around the pasture, stopping periodically to re-coat the rope with chemical. Cost of the oiler rope was $15 and cost of the æface flips' was $20. The idea has worked great on three or four farms. Kills weeds in a couple days. I would suggest using this with a front mounted tool such as loader. That way you're not running weeds down with the back tires of the tractor before they're treated."

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #6