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Oklahoma Farm Dog Comes From Ancient Breed
If you've been looking for a big hard-working guard dog that's fearless in the face of predators and fiercely loyal to its owner, you'll be interested in a litter of pups born recently on an Oklahoma farm.
"I looked 10 years for a breed like this," says Pril Zahorsky, Dacoma, Okla., who's the only North American breeder of a rare guard dog from Turkey that dates back centuries to before the time of Christ.
They're called Coban Kopegi, meaning "shepherd's dog" in Turkish. But Zahorsky simply refers to the powerful Asian shepherds she raises as "Oklahoma Farm Dogs".
"It's a good all-around breed with all of its ancient instincts intact," she says. "They're gentle with children and are aloof to strangers. They're good home-stayers and hard workers."
Zahorsky got her first Asian shepherd - a black-faced, eight-week-old female pup named Shenel - two years ago. Since then, she's raised three litters of pups, including the one born early in November.
When full-grown, the dogs will weigh up to 130 lbs. and stand at least 30 in. high at the shoulder. They know no fear and will have no concept of "giving up" when guarding livestock, Zahorsky says. They learn fast and are very territorial, she adds.
As such, the dogs are ideal for keeping coyotes away from cattle and sheep. The Zahorskys have a 2,000-acre, 250-head cow-calf operation, but say the breed is equally as effective on smaller, 2 or 3-acre operations.
Pups sell for up to $800.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pril Zahorsky, R.R. 1, Box 37A, Dacoma, Okla. 73731 (ph 405 871-2439).

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