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Spray Controller Eliminates Waste On End Rows
A new "sprayer controller" automatically shuts off the spray flow whenever you raise the 3-pt. hitch.
Invented by Mississippi farmers Neil Payne and Richard Harding, the "Spray Saver" consists of a mercury switch that mounts on the rocker arm of your tractor's 3-pt. It's held in place by two plastic "cinch" straps. You wire the device to the sprayer's electronic solenoid control valve. Raising the 3-pt. interrupts the connection and automatically shuts off the spray flow. The controller is overriden by using a toggle switch in the cab.
"It eliminates the possibility that you'll forget to turn the sprayer on and off when-ever you turn at the end of the field," says Payne. "Having the Spray Saver control your solenoid valve for you saves chemicals, pre-vents crop injury, prevents skips, and reduces pollution. It can be used with any implement including disks, harrows, field cultivators, planters, etc. You can adjust it to spray all the way to the top of the 3-pt.'s stroke when you pick up or let it turn off right at the bottom, or anywhere in between. A pair of screws on the housing can be adjusted to change the angle of the mercury switch.
"One controller will run up to three solenoid control valves as long as you don't exceed 10 amps. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to install."
Sells for $99.50.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Spray Saver Corp., Box 54150, Pearl, Miss. 39288 (ph 800 840-8054 or 601 939-2650; fax 601 939-2702).

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