Big Reach Lift System For Skid Steer Loaders
A common problem with skid steer loaders is that you can't reach far enough to dump into big manure spreaders and truck boxes. Bill Kurtz, St. Croix Falls, Wis., says his new lift system gives any skid steer the reach of a big tractor. "Now I can reach across a tandem axle truck box," says Kurtz.
He designed and built the new lift system for his Case 1830 skid steer loader which has only a 36-in. wheelbase. He installed a new-style pivot system that "rotates" the existing loader arms forward as they're being raised. The result is that he can raise the bucket about 3 ft. higher than on the original machine and several feet farther forward.
"It gives you the best of both worlds - a lift system with great bucket reach and a short wheelbase machine that can be used in tight quarters when the bucket is down," says Kurtz.
The key to the design is a counterweight on back that swings out as the loader raises to counter balance the weight of the bucket. A stabilizer bar, which runs across the skid steer frame between the two sets of wheels, rotates the loader arms forward as the loader raises.
To make the lift system Kurtz added 15 in. onto the back end of the loader arms. The arms are pinned to a 15-in. extension at the back end of the machine that serves as a pivot. He also repositioned the hydraulic cylinders that are used to raise or lower the arms. As the cylinders are extended, the stabilizer bar forces the arms to rotate forward while the counterweight swings backward. After dumping the bucket is lowered and the counter-weight swings in against back of the machine.
"I got the idea when I couldn't dump manure into my 350 bu. spreader," says Kurtz. "The bucket reaches up about 10 ft. and forward about 5 ft. at the same time. It can actually reach farther out than the buckets on most big tractors, yet the machine is very compact when the bucket is down which allows it to get into tight quarters..
"My current design is only a prototype. If it was manufactured commercially I'd wrap the counterweight around the side of the machine in order to keep anyone from getting caught between it and the machine.
Kurtz says he's looking for a manufacturer.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Kurtz, 2187 State Rd. 87, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 54024 (ph 715 483-3866).

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