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3-Pt. Accessories For ATV's
An Iowa company with a 3-pt. hitch for ATV's has developed a line of accessories for it, including a disk harrow, moldboard plow, cultivator, furrower, and single-row planter.
"We've got everything needed to run a small-scale farming operation, using an ATV as the tractor," says a spokesman for Cycle Country, Milford, Iowa. "ATV's work great for planting big gardens and small acreages, food plots for wildlife, etc. The planter also works great for spot planting in the field or for planting single rows where you don't want to use a big planter. We've also found there's a big market for our 3-pt. accessories in South America and Asia, where many of the farms are small and farmers can't always afford a tractor."
The 3-pt. hitch is operated by an electromechanical screw-driven lift and is equipped with a universal toolbar to mount the accessories. An attachment with two pins is used to clamp each accessory onto the toolbar. The 3-pt., which has built-in "float" capabilities, is operated by a rocker switch mounted on one of the ATV's handlebars. The 3-pt. sells for $913 plus S&H. The toolbar sells for $208 plus S&H.
The moldboard plow is 10 in. wide and can make a 6-in. deep furrow. Sells for $294 plus S&H. The cultivator and disk harrow are both 4 ft. wide. By replacing the cultivator's center two sweeps with a shield and mounting half-sweeps next to it, you keep from covering up small seedlings. The cultivator sells for $445 plus S&H and the disk harrow for $363. The ground-driven planter sells for $895 plus S&H. The furrower simply makes a V-shaped trench for the planter to drop seeds into. It sells for $98 plus S&H.
The company also offers a new 5-ft. wide 3-pt. straight blade that doesn't use the toolbar but instead attaches directly to the 3-pt. The blade sells for $129 and the hardware for $184. A variety of non-3-pt. accessories are also available including a spreader, utility trailer, finish and rough cut mowers, front-mount blade, sprayers, spotlight, and CV joint and boot protector.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cycle Country, 2188 Hwy. 86, Milford, Iowa 51351 (ph 712 338-2701 or 800 841-2222; fax 712 338-2601).

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