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Motorized Hitch Boost Smal Car Pulling Power
"Few cars built today can handle the weight of a big trailer over 15 ft. long," says Thomas Moravec, president of Tow-All, Inc., manufacturer of a new motorized hitch that lets any small car pull any size travel trailer or wagon with ease. Only about 30 lbs. pressure is applied to the towing vehicle.
Hydraulically activated controls are the key to success of the unique motorized hitch. A pressure cylinder on the tongue, between the hitch and the towing vehicle, senses when the car slows down, speeds up or brakes and instantly signals the hitch to do the same. Because of the near-instant reactions of the motor hitch, total weight on the towing vehicle is negligible.
"You can pull a big trailer with a small 4-cyl. car and it's almost like you've got nothing behind you," says Moravec.
The idea may also have applications pulling big farm equipment with smaller tractors or trucks. With off-road tires for better traction, the motorized hitch could be used in the field.
Moravec, and the inventor Roger Anderson, built the prototype motorized hitch using the front-end of a damaged 1980 Citation with front-wheel drive. They cut the car off right behind the engine compartment. It has automatic transmission, power disc brakes, and a gas engine. It connects rigidly to the trailer with a tow bar and two patented stabilizer bars, and connects to the towing vehicle with a ball hitch. It's very easy to unhitch from the towing vehicle and is designed so that one man can move the trailer around by hand just by manipulating the tongue of the motorized hitch.
"Our first prototype was built from a 1972 Saab. Any front-wheel drive car with automatic transmission will work," says Moravec. A bank of controls and gauges for the hitch mounts inside next to the driver for easy access.
Tow-All, Inc., hopes to go into production soon with a commercial unit.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tow All Inc., Suite 19, 10501 E. Bloomington Freeway, Bloomington, Minn. 55420 (ph 612 881-8996).

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