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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Is "Most Accurate On The Market"
"As far as we know it's the most accurate tire pressure gauge on the market," says Ed Miller, Wauseon, Ohio, about his company's new pistol-grip, digital tire pressure gauge.
Powered by a pair of lithium batteries, the microprocessor-controlled "Waekon T2000" gauge compensates for altitude and temperature changes and shows air pressure in tenths of a pound. It's accurate to within .10 of 1 psi. The gauge takes seven pressure samples - one per second - and shows a digital read-out of the maximum reading found in the seven samples.
"Other gauges can read tire pressure only to within 1 or 1/2 psi. The extreme accuracy of our gauge comes in handy because many radial tire manufacturers are promoting lower air pressure for less soil compaction," says Miller. "Radial tires are designed to be used at low pressures so even a fraction of a pound difference in tire pressure can significantly affect the tire's carrying capacity.
"Another reason to have an accurate tire gauge is that seasonal drops in air temperature can greatly affect tire pressure. On aver-age, tire pressure drops 1 psi for every 10 degree drop in air temperature. If you put 36 lbs. of pressure in your car tires on a 90-degree day and leave it alone, by the following December when it's 10 degrees above zero the tire pressure will be 8 lbs. lower. That's why it's important to check tire pressure on a monthly basis.
"An accurate tire pressure gauge is also very important for tractor pulling contests, where it's critical that both rear tires have exactly the same pressure so that the tractor doesn't go down the track crooked.
"The gauge is not designed to be used on tires filled with fluid or calcium chloride. They require a special gauge."
One end of the tool is graduated in 1/32-in. increments for measuring the depth of tire tread. The end piece pulls out and can be used to remove the valve assembly from the tire stem to let air out fast.
Sells for $39.95 plus $5.95 S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, M.E. Miller Tire, 17386 State Hwy. 2, Wauseon, Ohio 43567 (ph 419 335-7010; fax 419 335-9881).

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