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Friendly Trapper Tips
Many thanks to the thousands of FARM SHOW readers who've bought my book and contacted me over the years with pest animal problems.
Here are a couple new ideas that have been working great for me:
To get rid of an odor in a crawl space that you can't get to - it might be a dead animal - just get a piece of pvc pipe and a couple pounds of white lime. Insert a leaf blower into one end of the pipe and blow lime up into the smelly area and you'll solve the problem. It'll even neutralize skunk odor. Works in the chimney, too.
We've recently come up with a great way to kill racoons. One of my farmer-clients has had more than 100 racoons in his sweet corn patch. What we do is to pour Coca Cola in a jar lid and then add 3 to 4 tablespoons of Golden Malrim fly bait poi-son, which you can buy for about $5.95 at the hardware store. Racoons will lap it up and die in minutes. So far, we've eliminated about 30 coons in just this one patch. It also appears to work on wood-chucks and some other pest animals. We're hopeful that it might even prove effective on coyotes. If you have pets or children around, I recommend putting it inside a piece of pvc pipe. Racoons will find it and pull it out.
We've also been using strawberry and grape bubble gum to kill groundhogs and woodchucks. Break a piece up into 3 or 4 bites and lay it around. It plugs them up and kills them because they apparently can't vomit it up.
Here's a method we've been using to kill moles, gophers, chipmunks, ground squirrels, and other burrowing animals. Get a "Burnsamatic" torch at a hardware store - the kind plumbers use to sweat pipes. Put the nozzle down into the hole or tunnel and pack dirt around it. Turn it on without lighting it. Just a little bit of that gas will put them to sleep. This method is much easier and more convenient to use than trying to run engine exhaust down into a tunnel.
I still have copies of my book which spells out many of my methods. Sells for $14 postpaid. (Harold Bailey, The Friendly Trapper, Trapper Publications, P.O. Box 423, Canfield, Ohio 44406)

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