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Homemade Weed Eater Line Trimmer Guide
Landis Shelton, Webbers Falls, Okla.: "I read about the śWeed Eater' line trimmer guide that lets Dennis Lenart of Waco, Texas, trim along fences or buildings (Vol. 21, No. 3). I made my own version by bending a length of 1/2-in. dia. conduit pipe into a semi-circle to form a guard and welding it to the Weed Eater shaft. The guard is offset so I can trim weeds a full 6 in. from the fence or right up to it. A pair of hose clamps connect an arm on the guard to the Weed Eater shaft. I move the clamps up or down depending on the height I want to cut.
"When the bolt and bushing on the front spindle of my riding mower wore down, causing the spindle to flop around, I decided to fix the problem myself. I removed the bolt and bushing and used a 7/64-in. dia. drill bit to enlarge the bolt hole, then tapped it out and screwed in a 5/16-in. dia. bolt. Tightening up the bolt takes the slack out of the bushing and spindle. I also set a jamb nut on the bolt to keep it in place. It's a simple but effective idea that I've since used on 1/2-ton, 1-ton, and 2-ton trucks. I think the same idea could be used on almost any vehicle. It's not a permanent solution to the problem but it'll keep a vehicle going for quite a while. I mounted a bolt on a bell crank equipped with a worn-out woodruff key. I drilled a hole on the opposite side of the key and screwed in a bolt to take the play out of the key."

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #4