1997 - Volume #21, Issue #4, Page #32
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Grooved Hack-Sawed Side Of Grease Fittings To Relieve Pressure As You Fill Bearings

Bill Short, Hamilton, Mo: "Hack-sawing a groove in the side of grease fittings to relieve pressure as you fill bearings with grease is an easy way to prevent damage to grease seals. You just cut a groove along one side of the threads. This lets air out as you pump in grease. When grease starts to come out, you stop. It keeps grease from pushing out on the bearing seals.
"I make many of my own replacement parts in my shop. They say inflation is low but it seems the cost of parts goes up 50 to 100 percent a year. Parts which were $4 to $5 three or four years ago now cost $35. One part I recently made cost $75 at the dealer yet cost me only $3.50 to make.
"To do work like this, I've outfitted my shop with lots of metal working equipment. My latest acquisition is a forge, since I need heat for various parts. The forge saves money over using acetylene."

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #4