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Two Level Farm Shop
When Stan and Marty Lips drew up plans to build a machine shop they used the slope of the land to their advantage.
The 74-ft. by 40-ft. building on their farm southwest of Bartlett, Kan., is built on two levels. The front part of the building is a full 2 ft. higher than the back portion.
"It was kind of a lucky accident. The ground sloped off and it was easier to build it that way," Stan says. "It didn't take long for the Lips brothers to discover the convenience and advantage of having two floor levels.
"We can back in the front door of the lower level and unload pipe or other materials close to the edge of the upper level. It's so easy then to just pull a piece out of the pile and saw it," Stan says, noting that a table saw is mounted on a stand to make it the same height as the upper floor section. By pulling the building material or pipe out on the same level much of the lifting and carrying is eliminated.
The men also take advantage of the two levels to make servicing smaller farm vehicles easier. "At first we would drive the cars and pickups over to the edge to change oil and do other service jobs. Then we got the idea to put up pedestals and drive the vehicles out on ramps over the lower part so we could work underneath."
The pedestals are 2 1/2 ft. tall, 14-in. dia. pipe segments mounted on metal plates which are bolted to the floor. The top of the pedestals are 18-in. wide metal plates with the outside edge turned up to keep the vehicle from rolling off.
The 14-in. wide, 3/8-in. reinforced sheet metal ramps which bridge between the wall and the pedestals are adjustable to the different widths between wheels of each individual vehicle. They are also removable for ease in working under vehicles.
"I can sit up straight on the creeper or the stool to work on things," Stan says. "I can take out the ramp and I don't have to duck. It makes it real handy."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stan Lips, Bartlett, Kan. 67332 (ph 316 226-3475).
(Reprinted courtesy Farm Talk, Parsons, Kan.)

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