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Bale Hauling Bumper Leaves Pickup Bed Clear
"It leaves the pickup bed clear for other uses," says farmer-inventor Michael Bauer, of Freeburg, Mo., about his new bale-hauling bumper.
Bauer's bumper bolts to the pickup frame, replacing the existing bumper. The center section, which is equipped with two removable spikes, pivots up and down 90 ? and is powered by the pickup's power steering pump.
Two hydraulic cylinders fit under the truck bed, positioned in line with the bed's channel members and mounted on the bumper's cross members. "The cylinders set high enough off the ground so you don't have to worry about tearing them off," notes Bauer. Hydraulic lines connect the pivoting center section of the bumper to the power steering pump and a control valve. Hydraulic pressure from the power steering unit forces the cylinders out, turning the center section of the bumper up or down 90 ?.
To operate the system, simply back into the bale, activate a "push and pull" button mounted on the dash, pick up the bale and you're ready for transport. The device has two-way power, meaning it can lift the bale and set it back down.
The new "Bauer" bumper fits Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford pickups, half ton to full ton. "If you plan to buy a new pickup, you can order it without the bumper and save $250," says Bauer, who has built and sold over 1,000 of the rigs.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Michael Bauer, Rt. 1, Box 53, Freeburg, Mo. 65035 (ph 314 744-5833).

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