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Mini Earth Scraper
Here's a mini earth scraper I made to smooth out grooves in our driveway after a rain. In the past I used a straight drag but it always pushed dirt around too much. The unique thing about the way this works is that it gathers the soil and sand from the swelled rutts and deposits it into the crater or cavity of the rut. It fills holes and levels without spreading out the valuable driveway sand and rocks. It works much better than I thought it would.
I made it out of a 4-ft. dia. steel hoop off a piece of junked machinery. I cut the hoop in half and "nested" the two half moons. Then I welded some old iron across the top for weight and to hold the half-moons rigid. I pull it with some old #50 roller chain, welding it together up by the hitch, leaving a loop unwelded to slip over the ball hitch. Our Honda 300 ATV pulls it just fine. (Roger Kuntz, Rt. 1, Box 69, Grainfield, Kan. 67737)

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1996 - Volume #20, Issue #6