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Tractor splitter and center lift dolly
I built a tractor splitter and center lift dolly 5 or 6 years ago and they've worked so well I can't see how we got along without them all these years. Both items have been used to split tractors from 27 hp. to 175 hp. A neighbor used them to split his 4020 Deere last spring to do a major overhaul and he said it was the slickest alignment aid he'd ever seen because it lets you move the bell housing small amounts thanks to the caster wheels on the lift dolly. The splitter is adjust-able to fit various width frames from 15 1/4 to 29 in. It's built out of 3 and 2 3/4-in. square tubing with 1/4-in. sidewalls. The mounting plates are 8 by 10 by 1 /4 in. with a series of 1/2-in. holes to mount to the tractor frame. The struts that run up toward the radiator are 1 1 /2 by 1 1 /2 by 1 /4-in. angle irons. Wheels are 5 by 1 1/2-in. cast iron center with ball bearings, and are greasable. The load rating on them is 1,250 or 1,350 lbs. They roll the load so easily one man can split and push everything together himself. I also made an adaptor for narrow front ends.
The center lift dolly was built from 5/16-in. angle iron, salvaged from a Farmhand loader, and 3-in. square tubing. The frame is 20 in. sq. and lifts from 2i in. off the floor to 28 in. The swivel casters are 6 by 2 in. with a 1,500 lb. load rating. When underthebell housing, alignment of input and pto shafts are easy to make because it can be moved side to side exactly as needed. The hydraulic lift jacks in both tools can be removed and used for other jobs. (Gary Bakken, Rt. 2, Box 179B, Detroit Lakes, Minn. 56501)

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1990 - Volume #14, Issue #5