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Wireless driveway alarms
I am a farmer and about 8 years ago I started manufacturing wireless driveway alarms. Our radio-operated driveway alert consists of two parts - a transmitter and a bell-receiver. The transmitter is operated by a 9-volt battery which normally lasts 6 mos. to a year. The transmitter sends out an invisible beam approximately 80 ft. and it can be pointed in any direction since no receiver is needed at the end of the beam. If a person or vehicle breaks the beam, the transmitter sends a signal up to 500 ft. back to the bell receiver which rings for about 3 secs. to alert you. The transmitter is just 4 by 4 in. in size and can be mounted on a tree, post or building. It should be set about 3 ft. high so it won't be set off by small animals walking through. Several transmitters can be used with the same bell if, for example, you have two entryways to your farm or if you want to put a transmitter in your shop or barn. Sells for $219. Extra transmitters are $124.
We also make a vehicle sensor that's buried beneath the driveway. It senses metal and will not be set off by people or animals. Installation is simple with no need for an electrician. Sells for $199.
Our least expensive driveway alert is a wireless rubber hose alert that consists of a rubber hose that runs across the driveway and is activated by the weight of a vehicle. It sells for $149.
We also make accessories which can be added to any of the alerts, such as a telephone dialer that can be set when you're out of town to automatically dial a neighbor or the police if an alarm is tripped. (Rocky Quam, Dakota Alert, Inc., P.O. Box 130, 112 W. Main, Elk Point, S.Dak. 57025 ph 605 356-2772)

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