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Let Down Fence Clip For Steel Wood Posts
"It's one of the best new developments in fencing since barbed wire," says Wyoming rancher Wayne Baker of his new "lay down" fence clip for affixing smooth or barbed wire to steel and wood posts.
Strands of wire can be laid down simply by pulling the pin (a two-headed nail about 2.5 in. long) on the new-style Baker clip (see photo).
"This lay-down feature provides easy access to or from property without having to install expensive gates. It's a must for heavy snow country, game crossings and snowmobile trails," says Baker.
"Labor saved on installation alone will pay the cost of these clips. What's more, they reduce yearly repair to a fraction of the cost of fencing affixed with conventional staples or wire ties. Existing fence can be tightened without having to remove staples or tie wires," notes Baker. "Because the wire can be laid down, you can use steel posts ¨which are normally less expensive, longer life and easier to install¨without worrying about snow load bending them, or pushing them into the ground, as often happens when wire is left on posts in heavy snow country."
Baker notes that "barbed wire will break, or steel posts will bend, before the clips fail. On wood posts, clips properly installed will take more pressure than if double staples are used."
The new Baker clip adapts to light, medium or heavy steel posts, and to wood posts 4, 5 or 6 in. in dia.. Clips and nails sell for $15 per 100 for steel posts (including one latch pin nail per clip) and $16.56 per 100 for wood posts (including two galvanized mounting nails and a latch pin nail per clip).
Clips for steel posts have a U-shaped back. You position the clip on the post, then pound or pinch the clip ends to wrap them around each side of the post. Baker offers a special pliers (at $28) for attaching clips to steel posts. "With these pliers, it only takes a second to attach each clip. A 13 year old boy and I did ? mile of 4-wire fence in only 1ó hrs. The steel posts were spaced a rod apart," Baker told FARM SHOW.
For more information; contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Baker Fencing System, P.O. Box 110, Freedom, Wyo. 83120 (ph 208 873-2632).

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