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Low Maintenance Tumbling Mixer Feeder
"We've mixed over 10 million pounds of feed with it and haven't changed a thing. If this were an auger type mixer-feeder it would have already needed a new set of augers and bearings," says Lew Dalman, farmer and manufacturer of a new tumbling mixer-feeder that has no bearings or augers to replace and requires much less power to operate than conventional mixer feeders.
Dalman's barrel-shaped mixer-feeder has no paddles, baffles or augers inside. The only thing that causes the feed to rotate and mix is a single metal rebar that's welded in a spiral around the inside of the mixer. That's more than enough, says Dalman. "The mixer turns at just 10 to 12 rpm's, but it'll mix any forage and grain in any proportion in 4 to 5 min. in most cases.
The big rolling drum rotates on teflon rollers. A single #60 roller chain, driven by a small hydraulic motor, turns the drum. The mixer fills through big, hydraulically opened doors and an unloading apron unloads out either side through hydraulically-operated unloading doors. The bed of the unloading apron is made from teflon to decrease belt wear and prevent freeze-ups in cold weather.
The 12-ft. model holds 215 bu. "An equivalent size auger-type mixer feeder would require at least 100 hp. to operate. This needs just 40 hp. and two hydraulic valves," says Dalman, noting that the mixer-feeder has a built-in scale and a readout that's easily visible from the cab. "You can control the amount of feedout by adjusting the unloader door opening or changing tractor speed."
Prices for the 8-ft., 12-ft. and 16-ft. models range from $12,000 to $20,000 (Canadian).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dalman Equipment, Inc., P.O. Box 261, Baldur, Manitoba R0K 0B0 (ph 204 535-2083).

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