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Deere Combine Rotary Screen
"All pre-1974 Deere combines were built without rotary screens. They were cooled by mounting a fan on the backside of the radiator to pull air in through the hood of the combine. The hood has screens which plug up easily so dirt gets into the engine compartment and radiator, causing the machine to overheat. In 1974, Deere began installing rotary screens on all combines and offered a kit to put screens on all earlier models," says Aubrey Baker, Spring Hill, Tenn.
"After I bought a 1973 4400 combine in 1980, I experienced overheating from trash and dust and had to clean the radiator at least once a day with compressed air. When I looked for a rotary screen, I found that Deere no longer offers a kit. A man at a salvage yard told me I could adapt a rotary screen from Gleaner or International to my combine a lot easier than a Deere screen so I bought a used Gleaner rotary screen.
"My neighbor, Sam Smith, built an adapter plate to mount the screen on. He made it so the screen sets in a slot on each side and can easily be lifted up and removed. I had to buy a reverse flow fan from Deere to change the direction of the air flow through the radiator. The rotary screen has a small fan on the inside of it. Each blade of the fan had to be trimmed 3 in. so that the screen wouldn't turn too fast. I also had to add a small brush at the bottom of the screen to help keep it clean.
"This past fall I ran it in very dusty conditions and had no problems at all with either the rotary screen or with overheating problems. It took just half a day to install the screen, which turns by the air being pulled through it. There are no belts, pulleys, or countershafts to wear out or break. It has only two small bearings that will never need to be replaced.
Adapting a Deere screen to the combine would have cost twice as much and taken at least two days to install."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Aubrey Baker, Rt. 1, Box 183, Spring Hill, Tenn. 37174.

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