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Chimney Cleaner Keeps You Off The Roof
If you avoid cleaning the chimney on your wood-fired stove or furnace because of the work or expense, you'll be interested in this new "Climb-No-More" chimney cleaner that lets you do an entire cleaning job in 45 sec. or less and never leave the ground.

Invented by Dave Ryden of Ryden Development, Hallock, Minn., the new cleaner consists of a housing that mounts above the chimney opening on top of the house and a weighted brush stored inside the house. A rope is guided from the housing through pulleys to a winch that mounts at ground level.

To operate, you simply close all dampers, then lower the 24-lb. cleaning brush and weight assembly down the chimney. When it reaches bottom, you crank it back up into the housing. Once inside the housing, bottom doors keep all soot and creosote out so cable and guides don't plug up or get frozen in place by ice and snow. The brush housing doubles as a rain cap and down draft control.

Sells for $280.

For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ryden Development, 346 South Atlantic, Hallock, Minn. 56728 (ph 218 843-2576 or 843-2232).

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