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Add On Depth Gauge Wheel For Air Seeders
"We really believe in the concept of air seeders but they generally have trouble with depth control," says Dale Johnson, D & D Enterprises, manufacturer of a new add-on depth control gauge and packer wheel for chisel plow shanks used in conjunction with air seeders.
Dale's brother Doug Johnson farms near Sidney, Mont. and came up with the add-on wheel in an effort to get more precise depth control and a tight pack in marginal moisture conditions. After three years of use, the brothers have decided to put the wheel on the market.
"Doug began using an air seeder in 1979 but was ready to trade it back in for press drills before he developed this new combination gauge packer wheel. It attaches to the shanks and is spring-loaded to walk over rocks or other obstacles while the shank stays in the ground.
The wheels are strong enough to absorb the shock of rocks and to carry most of the weight of the chisel plow in firming the soil and gauging the depth of the seed," says Dale.
Doug adds that the add-on wheel is especially important on particularly wide equipment. "I used to have trouble keeping the wings on my 55-ft. chisel plow planting at the same depth as the main frame," he notes. "Now, germination even on the hilly ground is as good or better than our neighbors get using press drills."
The wheel simply bolts to each individual chisel shank. Depth is adjusted by moving it up or down the shank. They'll work behind any seed or fertilizer shoe. A paired set of wheels for paired row planting is also available.
"It works much better than a set of trailing packer wheels because, even on sidehills, this packer wheel is directly over the row. What's more, you get depth control," notes Dale.
The packer and depth wheel sells for $85. A paired set of wheels sells for $130.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, D & D Enterprises, Girard Route, Box 5240, Sidney, Mont. 59270 (ph 406 798-3606).

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