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Combine Header Modified For Ridge Till
Richmond, Minn., farmer Dan Backes modified a 4-row International 844 combine corn head for ridge till use by moving the feederhouse throat opening over to the right, allowing the combine drive wheels to run between his 36-in. rows rather than running over the top of them.
"Keeping wheels off the ridges gives me better steering control, especially when frozen ridges have thawed slightly. Also, by not running over the row I can do a more thorough job of chopping stalks. I bought a 4-row International 844 corn head because it seemed easiest to modify. It's mounted on my International 715 combine. I moved the center of the throat opening 14 in. to the right, using 2 by 5-in. rectangular tubing to build a frame where the feederhouse attaches to the header throat opening. I also shifted the feeder auger to the right, cutting off a piece of the auger on the short side and remounting it on the long side. It wasn't an easy job. I added tractor weights on the right side to counterbalance the load. It works great."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dan Backes, 18903 Co. Rd. 49, Richmond, Minn. 56368 (ph 612 597-2462).

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