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Knife Places Fertilizer In A Curtain
New for dry fertilizer placement is the "Dayson Deep Placement Dry System," that puts dry fertilizer in a "curtain" 2 to 6 in. deep and 1 in. wide.
"It's the only dry fertilizer knife of its kind," says Dave Long, the designer, of Dayson, Inc., Coldwater, Ohio.
Long explains that putting fertilizer in a curtain helps increase crop yields by giving plant roots a steady supply of a fertilizer as they extend down into the soil.
Built especially for applying dry fertilizer, the narrow profile knife can be used for no-till and conventional planting. Long says it can also be used when ridge planting to inject fertilizer along the side of the ridge.
The system consists of a 17 in. dia. cutting coulter and the knife. Both are attached on a common frame to the planter's toolbar and both swivel for making turns and clearing rocks.
Selling for $280 per row, the knife and coulter can be used in conjunction with any of the dry fertilizer air systems, according to Long. He notes that the attachment bolts onto any planter and has an opening for applying anhydrous.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Davson, Inc., 33 S. Belmont, Springfield, Ohio 45505 (ph 513 322-1591).

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