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Milk bulk tank makes good hot tub
There's nothing as relaxing after a hard days work as a dip in the swirling waters of a hot tub jacuzzi, says Colorado dairy farmer Greg Krush, who converted a 400-gal. bulk milk tank into a portable hot tub that he uses at home and also takes to parties.
Krush, a bachelor who milks 60 head of cattle (with a herd average of 19,820 lbs., he's not partying all the time!), got the idea when getting rid of an old tank. "I hate to throw anything away and I had the tank, so I looked around to see what else I'd need to make a hot tub," says Krush who spent less than $100 to build the tub.
He mounted the tank on the chassis of a 1969 Chevy Chevelle, and then cut down the sides of the tank, reattaching the lids of the tank to the inside walls of the tank to serve as benches. Then he built a wooden deck and stairs on one side of the tank.
Water is heated with coils from an old water heater teamed up with a propane furnace. The copper heating coils are hooked up to the drain of the tank. As water heats, it rises through the coils and drains into top of tub.
To agitate the water he used an old vacuum pump. A piece of milk line runs from the pump to the bottom of the tank where he fastened a piece of pipe with holes in it. The pump is mounted above the water level to keep water from siphoning back into it. A styrofoam lid goes over the top of the tub after use to hold in the warmth.
The hot tub holds 6 or 7 people comfortably but 14 is the record. He's taken it to caroling parties, volleyball parties, bachelor parties and other events.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Greg Krush, 21200 Weld County Road 88, Ault. Colo. 80810 (ph 303 834-2545).

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