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Portable Grain Aerator
Here's a nifty grain aeration idea that originated in Denmark - a 6-in. dia. screw-in portable aeration tube equipped with a 1-hp. electric-powered squirrel cage fan that'll aerate 3,000 to 4,000 bu. of grain.
It's about 9 ft.. long and is made out of perforated metal with a spiral bar wrapped around it that acts as a screw. The motor and fan clamp to the top of the tube.
To screw into a pile of grain, you take the motor and fan off and attach a handle to the top of the tube and simply screw it down into the grain. Once it's in place, you clamp on the fan. Can be used in the back of a truck, in a pile on the ground, or in a grain bin. The manufacturer says it'll aerate grain as deep as 20 ft. below the bottom of the tube.
Sells for about $750.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Crucus VS, Borum M011evej 31, DK-8471 Sabro, Denmark (ph 45 86949266).

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